Test Portfolio, or selected industry-specific software testing stories

Posted: 2023-07-20

Over the past 12 years, we have tested scores of systems. We chose only a few for this post to demonstrate their diversity – both by topic and industry. We’ve tested railroad systems, automotive, and healthcare applications that require the highest degree of security and industry compliance. We have worked for industry, banking, and the media, co-developing software designed to streamline work, speed up processes, or implement innovations.

As one of two ISTQB Platinum Partners in Poland and the Global Leader 2023 in software testing, Solwit is capable of conducting software testing in virtually any industry, according to Clutch. Read our clients’ success stories. See if we have already completed a similar project to the one you are currently dealing with.


Software testing SIL-4 compliant

Voestalpine – railway solutions engineering company

Scope: software testing to meet the highest railway safety requirement SIL-4. Developing and executing a multi-level test process, including unit tests, code reviews, static code analysis, integration tests, functional tests, and performance tests, as well as preparing documentation and assisting with certification.
Norms and standards: ISO 50128, ISO 50159, CENELEC SIL-3, SIL-4


Validation and verification services for Train Control and Monitoring System according to ISO 50657 and ISO 50128

Railway machinery manufacturer

Scope: providing documentation for the testing team (test procedures and processes)—locomotive control system penetration tests on selected modules for TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring System) for locomotive control.

Standards and technologies: ISO 50657, ISO 50128, SIL2, V-model, Ladder Logic



Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to Head-up Display (HUD) system tests

Luxury car software supplier

Scope: preparation of tests harness and development of unit tests, integration tests and documentation (traceability, UML, etc.)

Services: functional testing

Introducing cybersecurity to automotive

Luxury car software supplier

Scope: support during the implementation of the cybersecurity process to the project (documentation, analysis, execution, preparation of test harness)

Technologies: security testing


Test automation and manual testing for embedded system

Alarm system for a building solutions provider

Scope: consulting services on test automation, including review of automation framework concepts and feedback, problem-solving (technical aspects of automation), and planning and support of automation activities.

Technologies: Python, C, FreeRTOS

Manual and automated tests for desktop and web apps

Fire and explosion safety consultancy & software provider

Scope: a testing strategy for certain components of the software and development of the quality assurance process.

Technologies: Python, BitBucket, Jenkins, Squish, QT Framework, GIT, MSVC


Functional testing of a native mobile application (Android)

District heating industry client

Scope: our testers managed to conduct detailed functional tests of the application, following the ISTQB standards. Client received full test documentation and a defect list recording all errors that had been reported to the programmers during tests.

Technologies & services: Android, Unity, Xamarin, test specification, test plan, functional testing


Multimedia & entertainment

Performance and exploratory testing of game launch applications

PC Games Publisher

Scope: testing activities based on real-world scenarios. Creating test plans, developing test results, and reporting.

Technologies: AWS Cloud, Ubuntu x64, Apache JMeter, Grafana, InfluxDB


Functional testing, automated regression testing, unit and integration testing

MarTech Solutions Platform

Scope: software development and testing of a marketing campaign management application. Functional testing, automated regression testing, unit and integration testing.

Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Selenium, Cucumber, Gherkin


Framework for automated audio-video connection testing

IP network solutions provider for broadcasting

Scope: to test the system’s constituent GUI, REST backend and network media, the framework we developed supports scenarios lasting minutes or even months. It also allows non-functional metrics collection and analysis.

Technologies: Python, pytest, Ansible, PostgreSQL, REST, Prometheus, Selenium Webdriver 3-4, Selenium GRID, Docker, Jenkins


Exploratory testing of mobile and web applications for interactive music game creator

Scope: testing based on checklists and covering all requirements.

Services: manual testing

Finance & banking

Test automation for the Polish largest bank

Scope: building an ecosystem to automate functional tests of a banking application (web and mobile), automating test execution. Supporting the test-building process.

Tools and technologies: Java, Spring MVC, MySQL, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Docker, Android, Katalon Studio, Groovy/Java, Gerrit, Git


Automated testing strategy and framework for the Polish largest bank

Scope: implemented a test process and test case creation process (along with a reporting and monitoring tool) and created an application test plan for an in-house SME loan application processing application. We developed a framework for automated testing, making it a tool manual testers use.

Technologies: Selenium, Java

Mobile app testing for virtual cash register technology provider

Scope: exploratory testing as well as automation of a mobile application for a virtual cash register and certification preparation.

Technologies: Appium, Java, Python


Migration to microservices and application testing for debt collection company

Scope: as part of the development work, we modernized a monolithic application and moved it to microservices on the Kubernetes platform. We also tested the application in a microservices architecture. We focused on migration, architectural changes, and scalability to ensure system reliability.

Services and technologies: automated testing, Java


Proof of concept for automation testing framework for one of the largest global legal and tax audit consulting firms

Scope: we designed and delivered a proof of concept of the automation testing framework for a digital insurance platform for the US market.

Technologies: Java, Maven, Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, IntelliJ.


Automation of application testing for a British bank

Scope: an architecture for an automated test framework based on NodeJS and Playwright in order to test a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM application, used internally by agents of a British bank in order to streamline customer service, onboarding, savings and mortgage management.

Technologies: Playwright, NodeJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, VSCode, Git, JIRA, TestRail.


Automated testing of an intelligent pacemaker control solution

Scope: development of automated unit, integration, regression tests, and UI tests for an intelligent pacemaker control solution. Increasing code test coverage from 15% to 90%, refactoring code, and enhancing quality.

Technologies: C++, Qt, and OpenSceneGraph application.


Coding, designing, and testing techniques and tools for embedded MedTech software

Scope: safety-critical embedded software development and tests for an insulin pump.

Standards and technologies: IEC 62304, C, C++, STM32″


Implementing and testing a new interface for a health monitoring app

Scope: we implemented, tested and a new interface for the Norwegian HealthB app, available on Android and iOS, while also integrating it into Stripe’s payment system.

Technologies: React Native, React Navigation, GraphQL

If you are seeking a technology partner who will plan the testing process, select the type and type of tests, configure the framework, prepare the test environment, ensure compliance with industry standards, execute the tests, and help with the certification process of your software, then you’ve come to the right place!

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