A magical evening at the Jungla restaurant, or Solwit Summer Party 2023 coverage

Posted: 2023-07-12

Solwit Summer Party 2023 – This was how the bank holiday weekend of June started, and though we are almost halfway through July, we will fondly remember this day for months to come.

What a fabulous time we had! This year also marked Solwit’s 12th birthday, as well as another very significant celebration – our employees’ employment anniversaries (more on that coming soon).

This warm June evening was made even more special by the exquisite interior of the Jungla restaurant and the stunning views of Gdansk. A fantastic atmosphere surrounded the event, all thanks to superb company, food, and music. The turnout was great, and there were smiles and laughter all night long.😊 #solwitteam had a blast until dawn, and we are already longing for the next meeting.

It is our staff’s feedback that tells us the most about how we enjoyed the event:

  • “As always, the event was at the highest level; every detail was perfect. An excellent atmosphere, a sensational menu, and a beautiful place. It was wonderful to meet in a larger group.”
  • “A top-notch organization, great people, delicious food. Service at a high level.”
  • ” The whole event was great. Super people and the atmosphere. The sweatshirt was also cool :-). Overall, my rating is 12/10.”

Ultimately, the Summer Party was a fantastic event that provided many memorable moments filled with excitement and joy. From the beginning to the end, the party bustled with energy, bringing many guests together to enjoy a great night.

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