Solwit with the title of the Ambassador of the Polish Economy

Posted: 2021-10-01

We proudly announce that Business Center Club awarded Solwit with the title of the Ambassador of the Polish Economy in the category: Foreign Companies Partner.

This distinction is for companies that promote Polish economy through business activities undertaken jointly with foreign companies in our country or abroad.

For 10 years, Solwit has been providing competences and solutions to foreign companies and their branches in our country. We also enable Polish entrepreneurs to scale their solutions, and thus to expand into foreign markets.

Solwit’s foreign clients include: a global supplier of microchips and processors, a game producer from Sweden, a British company producing software for Fintech, and an Austrian producer of solutions for railways. Solwit provides the foreign clients with, among others Critical software with the highest level of security requirements, test automation, business process automation and solutions for visual quality control, based on artificial intelligence.

The title diploma was received by the President of Solwit SA, Leszek Pankiewicz, during a ceremony held at the Business Center Club in Warsaw on September 29, 2021.

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