Breaking down the system monolith into microservices

What do you do when an application with a monolithic architecture can no longer keep up with the business needs? Let the answer lie in our client’s case, who revamped their system with development continuity and our help and shifted it into the scalable microservices landscape.

Our client’s business was growing swiftly and the system had to cope with processing a more considerable amount of data than initially anticipated. The data accumulated and processing took longer. The existing application had to be transformed to be ready for the client’s business growth, failure-free, and scalable. This required highly qualified engineers who could technically handle the system’s moving process and were prepared to solve the problems encountered.

The solution: application modernization

Our role was the technological and architectural modernization of a monolithic application. We commenced the entire process with an in-depth business analysis as the baseline for our work. We had to upgrade the process, enabling straightforward scaling while ensuring business continuity and reliability. The client’s system transitioned to a scalable microservices application hosted on the Kubernetes platform, with continuity of development work carried out in tandem with us by other teams.

One of the main processes responsible for collecting data from the distributed system was also redesigned. For this purpose, we introduced an asynchronous communication model based on the Apache Kafka tool. On top of this, an In-Memory Data Grid tool in the form of Hazelcast was used to speed up data collection, which had a bearing on total processing time.

A few engineers (developers and a tester) worked on the project using a scrum methodology with SAFe elements.

The client approached us with a specific problem for which a solution had to be designed and implemented. The project required an in-depth analysis of existing solutions to adapt them to the updated system architecture. The tools we used were selected in a way that allowed them to be applied at the following stages of the project, which will be carried out in-house by the client’s team. The day-to-day collaboration was excellent. The client was open to suggestions for solutions and improvements, resulting in a smooth project development and implementation.

 Senior Software Engineer, Solwit S.A.

The result: scalable application ready for development

We modernized the client’s system from a technological and architectural perspective. The monolithic application was broken down into stateless microservices, making scaling easy, if not enjoyable. Primary data processing has significantly speeded up and is ready for the further growth of the client’s business and, thus, the increase in data processing. We used technologies such as Java 17 and Spring, Apache Kafka, and Hazelcast for development. This means there is the possibility of implementing and developing independent modules of the system. We also trained the client’s team to make changes and expand the application by themselves in the future.


Breaking down the system monolith into microservices
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