Web and mobile NTP support application

As part of our work for Elproma Electronics, we developed and tested a system consisting of a mobile and web application that allows for the monitoring of thousands of NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers nationwide. Elproma Electronics Sp. z o.o. offers cutting-edge technology in areas such as telemetry, time synchronization, wireless technology, and the Internet of Things.

It was Solwit’s job to provide the software and hardware required for distributing official Polish time signals as well as the signals of UTC (PL) International Coordinated Universal Time.

Key elements of the project included:

  • security, based on OWASP, RODO, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, among others.
  • ensuring high performance with constant load (monitoring data collection), variable load, and periodic peaks (access to generated data and reports).
  • ensuring high availability for specific parts of the system.
  • securing data confidentiality (part of the system is located in the client’s server room, and the whole is stored in the European Economic Area).
  • very demanding and non-extendable deadlines for completing subsequent stages of work.

Was it successful? Yes, in fact, the deadline was even met before expected.

How did we work?

Through our efforts, we were able to deliver a stable and cost-optimized set of services in three environments: development, test, and production, enhancing the client’s cyber security against cyber-attacks.

We built the system using technologies such as Java 17, Angular, Spring Boot, Hibernate, and PostgreSQL. In order to meet performance expectations, we connected Google Cloud via VPN to the client’s bare metal, so the constant load remained in the server room, whereas Google Cloud handled variable loads and autoscaling. The cloud provider also guarantees high availability levels; on top of all that, the planned architecture provides for service replication in multiple regions. Google’s cloud ensures that data is stored within the European Economic Area.

For security reasons, the traffic first runs through Cloud Armor. This protects DDos, XSS, and SQL injection, among others, removing some of the burden from the target system administrators. Since the work schedule was very tight, we utilized off-the-shelf components from Google Cloud Platform (e.g., log collection, monitoring), while the components we created ourselves were run on containers in Kubernetes clusters.

We ran the project in an agile manner, in two-week sprints, preceded by planning sessions. We discussed all issues on an ongoing basis during short daily meetings of the development team with the client. The project was staffed by ten developers and three testers, who prepared test plans and test scenarios, tested the system manually, as well as performed security and performance tests.

End users and system administrators received comprehensive user manuals, including audio-video versions. Moreover, we assembled extensive project documentation in order to satisfy the requirements of the end customer, the public administration.

Our team completed the project four months ahead of schedule, delivering a fully tested and ready-to-go system.

A good collaboration resulted in the completion of the project almost four months ahead of schedule. The entire team involved showed a deep sense of responsibility and a willingness to cooperate. It is for this reason that the result of our efforts, the e-CzasPL system, is available for citizens to use. It was a real pleasure to work with such professional and committed clients.

Katarzyna Skowron, Project Manager, Solwit S.A.

We recommend Solwit as an IT systems contractor. A strong commitment and skillset were demonstrated by the project team. The software was delivered ahead of schedule, and key deadlines were met. The cooperation with Solwit was transparent and dynamic – they responded on an ongoing basis to the reported needs, and the agile methodology used to run the project kept us informed about the progress at all times.

Krzysztof Borgulski, Elproma Electronics


Web and mobile NTP support application
Industry and country
Telemetric solutions, Poland
Java 17
Spring boot
Google Cloud Platform
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