Development and maintenance of the IoT system for energy management in buildings

Development and maintenance of the IoT system for energy management in buildings

The challange:

Customizable IoT application that manages drivers in the building automation control system

The automation control system in smart buildings must be adapted to the specifics of each facility and to the needs of the end customer. Solwit’s task is to provide a scalable IoT application that enables the operation of dedicated algorithms for device controllers located in buildings, i.e. e.g. heating and electric energy management systems, activating specific devices and operating according to the indicated schemes.

The system must take into account the variety and variability of factors influencing the managed building, and collect the data in database.

The solution:

Advanced Percee® application, supporting Solwena’s programmable drivers and building devices, according to the individual needs of end customers

Solwit engineers created the system allowing access via a web browser. The system consists of Percee® server, database and drivers used to control automation devices in real time. The system enables extensive analytics of energy consumption, and the collected data can be used to implement AI technology in the future.

Solwit engineers update and develop the Percee® system on an ongoing basis, enabling the operation of various and variable controllers programmed by the Solwena automation team.

The effect:

Scalable, customizable energy management application in buildings with the option of integration with AI technology

The application can handle multiple drivers for:

  • controlling the temperature in rooms, based on the conditions, the outside temperature, and based on the operation calendar (e.g. prepares the correct room temperature for a specific time at which the meeting is to take place)
  • controlling the  window blinds depending on the time, lighting, and the outside temperature
  • controlling the lighting in rooms (turning on the light at the selected time, turning it off when no one is in the room, etc.)

The Percee® system has been implemented in dozens of facilities at 10 clients and supports, among others:

  • extensive office and laboratory spaces in modern office buildings in Gdańsk,
  • 25 public buildings in Sopot,
  • 8 public buildings in Międzyzdroje,
  • an aquapark, with high variability of temperatures and energy consumption,
  • a factory of one of the leading suppliers of electronic equipment,
  • production plant and warehouse building,
  • educational institutions,
  • photovoltaic installations.

The Percee® system, created by the Solwit, completed by our team with automation solutions, is already operating in dozens of facilities in Poland. Its implementation enables sustainable energy management in buildings, as well as reducing its costs by up to 30%. The system successfully functions in places where energy demand is variable. It is prepared in a way that enables its development and various uses, such as analytics or AI-based management. The implementation of the system requires individual adaptation to the specific requirements of the facility and the needs of customers. In cooperation with the Solwit engineering team, we are able to provide our clients with an innovative, tailor-made solution that turns their facilities into modern SMART buildings.

Edwin Dudziak, CEO, Solwena S.A.


Development and maintenance of the IoT system for energy management in buildings
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