Creating an application for configuring a railway system

application recognized
at industry fair

the leading technology

software for designing
and configuring the system

application recognized
an industry fair

the leading technology

software for designing and configuring the system

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Transport and logistics

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Voestalpine is an international capital group manufacturing, integrating, installing, and servicing devices and systems for improving efficiency and safety in railway and roadway transportation.

THE Challenge

The client required a partner for developing and testing a .NET-based SIL4 software for configuring a railway system.

The client was conducting a project for developing a high-security railway system. As we had successfully cooperated before, working on a different project, we were asked to provide support in creating a graphics-oriented tool for easy and intuitive configuration of a highly complex railway system. The tool was to complement the newly implemented devices and become a complete solution in the field of railway signalling.


Additionally, the system was to include the capability of validating configurations for software modules and direct programming for some of the system components.

THE Solution

Creating software in the .NET technology.

Solwit delivered three specialists experienced in the .NET technology. The team included a technical leader and two engineers. Their knowledge, devotion, and skill complemented the client’s team but also increased its technological competence. At the same time, the Solwit team adopted the internal work culture established by the client, based on certain tools and internal processes.

THE Effect

The client’s software gained recognition at the largest railway industry fair in Europe and was highly praised by its users.

We helped our client to create software that is currently giving them a business advantage over other companies in the market. The devotion and ingenuity of our team allowed the product to become a great success for our client at the strategic industry fairs. After the initial success of its original version, we have continuously developed and maintained it to meet the current needs of the client and the market.


“Solwit S.A. was responsible for the implementation of part of the embedded software for the system, in accordance with the rigors of the industry railway standards, and for ensuring the quality of the software in an automated test environment. Today, the UniAC (2) system is implemented by railway line operators all over the world, ensuring rail traffic safety in line with standards. Currently Solwit, as a permanent partner of Voestalpine SIGNALING, participates in the processes of further maintenance and development of the system, at the same time providing support in adapting the solution to the requirements of individual target markets.”
Przemysław Wołoszyk, Development Director, Voestalpine SIGNALING Sopot Sp. z o.o.


Railway industry standards: CENELEC SIL4 and ISO 50126, ISO 50128, ISO 50129, ISO 50159, redundancy, MISRA C 2012, UML modeling, PIC32 uC CAN family, SPI, Ethernet, EtherCAT


SVN, Redmine, Enterprise Architect, MPLAB X IDE, Pc-Lint, Cppcheck, Code collaborator, Gerrit, Vera ++, Uncrustify, Jira, Redmine, Jenkins


C, C#, .NET, ASM, PIC32, ARM

CI environment

Jenkins, Unity, dedicated validation model, network equipment and embedded devices, plus elements of railway infrastructure

Test documentation in accordance with IEEE 20119

Settlement model

Time & Materials