Web application for 3D printer parameterization and task management

What did the client need?

The client was looking for a custom software development company partner to create dedicated software to manage the operation of 3D printers.

Our client aimed to provide devices that, in terms of performance and quality, would considerably outperform off-the-shelf 3D printers. On the market, one may find ready-made solutions for the parameterization of 3D printing. But the idea was to provide customers with a web application that would not only allow them to parameterize the printer but also to manage its tasks – which in the case of industrial printing is a substantial enhancement of work.

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What we offered

Web application for 3D printer parameterization and task management.

Due to the lack of a precise specification, we started off by setting expectations concerning the software to be created. Eventually, the project was divided into two stages with a well- defined scope to be delivered. We commenced with analytical workshops that were aimed at preparing product cards for each of the application components. They were utilized both at the development stage as well as during the approval of individual work phases. In parallel to the development process, application tests were also carried out.

The team scaled throughout the project to optimize the speed of delivery. At all times the team involved a project manager, a business analyst, and a tester. The custom software development team consisted of 4 programmers and 1 architect.

Sprint Business Reviews were held every week. On top of that, the client was granted access to the project’s JIRA, so they were fully up-to-date with the progress of the works.

What we achieved

The client is now equipped with a custom web-based application developed for managing the operation of 3D printers and was actually able to launch it on the market with no delays whatsoever.

The Solwit team developed and created a full-featured web-based software application for preparing and parameterizing tasks sent to 3D printers and for managing these printers over a local network. The application is fully compatible with the printer’s embedded software.

A printer application with a database was installed on the client’s server. Said database features the storage of the history of tasks and errors sent by the machines in the network. All tasks sent to the machine together with 3D files can be saved in a designated folder on the server in zipped archives together with files of information on the set of parameters used to perform a given job.

In addition to this, the software saves new files of job parameters if the user modifies the default ones. It can also be installed on both Linux and Windows servers and works with either Apache Web Server or IIS.

We were looking for a partner who could create dedicated software for the management of 3D printers machines park.  The Solwit team professionally fulfilled all our expectations by creating smart, highly modular software which is compatible with our own embedded software. We also appreciate the communication level and professionalism of the project team.

Piotr Mikulski, Head of R&D, Bibus Menos Sp. z o.o.

The system contains the following functional modules:

  1. User and system settings module – main system configuration settings and user management.
  2. GUI – login panel, 3D viewer panel, manipulation tool panel, parameter editor panel, machine management, job queuing panel, user management panel.
  3. Parameter editor module – saved to .json files.
  4. Module for generating print data from 3D data and parameter files.
  5. Machine management module – sending jobs to machines, viewing the current state of the machine, queuing jobs, viewing from IP camera placed in the machine.
  6. Database – to record the history of jobs sent to the machine together with their parameters for the analytical module with data such as material consumption, scheduling of technical inspections based on time worked, recording system user and login data.

The client is now equipped with a 3D printer management application and has launched it to market with no delays, thus gaining a competitive edge in the 3D printer supplier market.

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Web application for 3D printer parameterization and task management
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