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Test acceleration


Choose the development and education program that best suits your organization and improve the performance of your testing team. You can also use the knowledge of our specialists to improve the quality of your systems and applications.


Take part in the Test Driven Organization program and create an efficient tester team that works fluently and understands business and its needs.


Choose if you want to make your testing process up to 18 times faster.


Well-motivated, effective, and efficient – a team of experts will realize any project thoroughly, letting you reach your goals faster than you expect: front- and back-end developers, UI/UX designers, DevOps, cloud architects, and testers.

Each day we perform thousands of automated tests.

What else do we do?


We will test any tools you might be using to build and enhance your business, regardless of their type – web applications, micro or web services, mobile or stand-alone programs, AI-driven applications. We can test them all.


Mobile applications

We can test for various factors, such as:

  • positive and negative business paths from the user interface level,
  • support for various screen sizes and operating system versions,
  • reactions to various operating conditions of the mobile device.

Web applications

We test for:

  • proper support for different browsers,
  • proper behaviour for different mobile devices,
  • loading times and response times,
  • adherence to web application standards,
  • positive and negative business paths from the user interface level,
  • accessibility adjustments.

Microservices and webservices

We realize:

  • performance tests,
  • API compatibility tests for a defined scheme,
  • service bottleneck identification.

We will verify the scaling mechanism efficiency and optimize it for applications hosted in any cloud services. We will provide you with the possibility of a quick and effective failover in case of failure.


Standalone applications

We test for:

  • positive and negative business paths from the user interface level,
  • resistance to errors related to the hosting platform,
  • support for various operating systems,
  • correct integration with the related applications,
  • system resources usage.

AI utilizing applications

We test for:

  • correct and effective choice of neural network type and parameters,
  • effectiveness of the AI system,
  • resistance and proper reaction to extreme input data.


Reliability of this type of software is the absolute priority. Thanks to our experience in projects of the highest security level (SIL4) we can design and test any given embedded system solution.

Safety-critical system tests often require creating sets of controls and blinds, which poses no problem for our embedded system testing engineers, regardless of the layer a given system operates on.

While testing systems of this kind, we put especially strong focus on reliability and simulating external factors and occurrences possible within the given system's environment.

Due to safety requirements of critical systems (including SIL4), all actions involved in their testing process are performed and documented in accordance with the industry standards regarding the application's field.
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We will design and implement the testing process, opening your software, including embedded systems, to certification according to the highest industry standards and classifications.

With the implemented process, we will provide you with:
  • measurements of the test-covered code ratio done by the standard required means;
  • complete test documentation in accordance with the IEE29119 standard;
  • full process trackability from the stage of business requirements to that of test results;
  • clear and logical testing procedure;
  • support throughout the certification process by a third party.
We will also indicate the areas, which should be accounted for while testing and suggest the best documentation practices, minimizing the effort required to certify subsequent versions of the software.
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Sometimes even a well-organized testing process may show signs of losing its effectiveness with time. As a consequence, it lowers the quality and efficiency of tests and the software itself. We will analyze your testing process, pinpoint the areas worth adjusting and suggest a long-term change plan if necessary.

Our consultations will scrutinize:
  • the procedures involved in both manual and automatic execution of tests;
  • effectiveness of detecting and verifying defects;
  • correct execution of tests and reporting of their results;
  • creation and modification of test cases along with the changes in the application itself;
  • correlating business requirements and test cases;
  • testing environment usage efficiency;
  • gathering metrics related to the testing process.
The scope of the analysis is always adjusted to the domain of the given project and the characteristics of the field itself. Every analysis is preceded by outlining a clear set of aims to be achieved in the process adjustment. The aims can be set when co-operation starts or can be developed when researching the project's testing processes.
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One requirement of effective software development and testing is an efficient and automated environment facilitating all stages of the process. Based on years of experience in conducting various projects, we have prepared all the necessary processes, procedures and tools to manage such R&D environments thoroughly.

We own professional laboratories and server rooms, allowing us to provide you with full control in the areas of:
  • hardware,
  • dedicated devices,
  • computer networks,
  • remote access to the infrastructure,
  • virtualization software,
  • operating systems.
Our administrators, configuration management engineers, and DevOps take care of your applications so that they operate smoothly, effectively and safely. This way your clients will use them with pleasure.
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A proper selection of testing solutions and their development are as important as the testing procedures themselves.

Even the best test engineers are not able to work effectively if they are forced to use a bad selection of tools. Using our experience based on testing all kinds of solutions, such as embedded systems, web applications and mobile apps, we will help you choose the right testing tools for your project.

Before we recommend anything, we will consider:
  • the procect's domain/industry,
  • the project's budget and time span,
  • the number of team members,
  • the needs regarding requirement trackability and archivization,
  • the ROI value for each of the chosen tools,
  • stability and support for the given tool set,
  • the ability to use ready-made solutions or create a proprietary, dedicated solution.
If you have the tools, we will show you the ways you can develop it further and improve its usefulness and efficiency. This is true in relation to commercially available, off-the-shelf software, as well as proprietary, dedicated tools created specifically for your projects.
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