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Software testing

Reduce testing costs and reduce time-to-market.

Solwit in the TOP 3 test service providers in Poland according to IDG Computerworld TOP200.

ISTQB Platinum Partner with 100+ Advanced and Foundation certified test engineers.

Each day we perform
thousands of automated tests.
What else do we do?

We test any tools you might be using to build and enhance your business, regardless of their type – web applications, micro or web services, mobile or stand-alone programs, AI-driven applications. We can test them all.

Thanks to our experience in projects of the highest security level (SIL4) we can design and test any given embedded system solution.

We will design and implement the testing process, opening your software, including embedded systems, to certification according to the highest industry standards and classifications.

We will analyze your test process, indicate areas for change and propose elements for improvement in the long term.

We own professional laboratories and server rooms. We will create effective software development and testing is an efficient and automated environment facilitating all stages of the process.

We will select the appropriate test tools for your project.

Do you have your own testing team
and want to boost its work up to 18 times?

Invest in the Test Acceleration Academy development program for your team!

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