BaaS with no strings attached or a bespoke solution - discover the recipe for success

Posted: 2024-02-21
Written by: Paweł Nicewicz

Do you remember the good old days when the choice between using the public cloud and your own server was like making the decision between a taxi and your own car? With the advent of everything as a service (including washing machines!), choosing the backend as a service or a dedicated solution can prove more difficult than ordering coffee from a trendy coffee shop.

Introduction: backend dilemmas – a choice between ready-made and tailor-made

Back in the day, when clouds were mainly associated with rain and servers were just something to slow down online chess, building a backend from scratch was like an initiation ritual. The process was time-consuming, resource-intensive, and took much courage. Nevertheless, times have changed. Today, with Backend as a Service (BaaS), we can create a scalable and secure backend infrastructure more quickly than ever – all without hiring an army of experts.

In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating history of Backend as a Service solution – from the first steps into digital magic to today’s sophisticated platforms, making backend management as easy as baking bread (assuming you have the proper hardware). I will take you on a journey to unveil the secrets of these versatile services as we look at why some people still prefer to tailor their backend at the same time.

So, if you are wondering whether to choose the convenience and speed of Backend as a Service or whether to invest in a customized solution that, like a good old jumper, fits your needs perfectly, buckle up.

This article is for those who want to understand, without jargon and marketing slogans, which solution suits them best. There will be many cookies instead, so a cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake are welcome!


Backend as a Service, or how to have your cake and eat it too

For starters, imagine having access to an infinite buffet of cakes without having to bake them. Backend as a Service is a service model that allows developers to instantly create, develop, and scale the backend of an application. This is without struggling with infrastructure management technical intricacies. It’s like having your cake and enjoying every bite at the same time.


With Backend as a Service, developers can focus on the most significant thing – ‘baking’ functionality and creating exceptional user experiences – while saving programming time and automating routine tasks. BaaS platforms are full of off-the-shelf ingredients that make applications quick to deploy, which in the IT world is as revolutionary as baking flawless cheesecake without a single crack.

However, several critical aspects must be taken into account before choosing Backend as a Service. Security, scalability, and personalization are essential elements to consider before dipping your finger into the metaphorical loophole. Choosing a BaaS platform that ideally suits your application requirements and business goals is crucial to success – just like selecting the right ingredients for any recipe.


Custom backend: for technology connoisseurs who like to spice things up

When it comes to creating flavors in the world of technology, a custom backend is like a restaurant with artisan cuisine, where each dish is seasoned and tailored to the most refined tastes. This is an option for true IT aficionados who value the ability to fully personalize and control every aspect of the system. There is no room for half-measures here, only total freedom of creation.

Choosing a custom backend instead of a Backend as a Service is like baking a cake from scratch. It is entirely up to you to choose the ingredients that best suit your application. Want to use a specific database or introduce advanced algorithms? Go ahead. Need to integrate custom security solutions? The stage is yours. This level of customization allows you to tailor the backend perfectly to be fully compliant with your business requirements whilst offering an outstanding user experience.

However, a custom backend requires time, resources, and expertise, just like preparing complex dishes. Creating it from scratch is a complex, time-consuming, and costly process. Developers must be prepared for infrastructure management, long-term testing, and system maintenance challenges. It is a longstanding investment that can bring significant benefits but also requires patience, ongoing commitment, and substantial financial resources.

Nevertheless, a custom backend can be a recipe for success for those seeking a custom solution who are not afraid to invest time and resources. It gives room for innovation, independence, and precision, allowing you to create applications precisely as you dream them up. By choosing this path, you get the chance to build something unique that stands out from standard, off-the-shelf solutions.

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Integration with Backend as a Service: A personal chef made out of prepared ingredients

Using the Backend as a Service does not necessarily mean giving up your personal touch. It’s a bit like hiring a chef who uses high-quality, ready-made ingredients to create a dish tailored to your preferences. BaaS comes with several predefined services and features that can be mixed and matched to create a personalized solution without dipping your hands in flour.

Integrating custom code with the Backend as a Service opens up endless possibilities. You can use off-the-shelf modules for everyday tasks such as user authentication or data management while developing unique features to make your application stand out. This allows you to develop critical aspects of your application while using proven, reliable BaaS components to handle routine operations.
A working model like this is an ideal compromise between complete control and convenience. Rather than building the entire infrastructure from scratch, you can concentrate on creating unique features. As a result, you can produce value faster and achieve a competitive advantage in the market.

Using Backend as a Service to manage standard backend processes while keeping room for custom solutions is like having your own creative workshop in a ready-made culinary space. It’s a chance to combine proven practice with a customized approach, a winning formula in technology.


Show me the money! Cost comparison of Backend as a Service and custom backend

When it comes to planning a budget in IT, it’s a bit like organizing family expenses – we all want to know what’s going to happen, but the reality is that most surprises are unavoidable. When comparing Backend as a Service and dedicated backend solutions, it is also worth keeping in mind the following: “I’m too poor to buy cheap stuff.” But what does this actually mean in the realm of technology?

On the one hand, Backend as a Service can be like an all-inclusive buffet – you pay a fixed price and enjoy a variety of technological treats to your heart’s content. This is particularly attractive to start-ups and small businesses that lack deep pockets but crave rapid growth. You get a bundle of services, from servers to databases and user authentication, without paying for each component separately.

When it comes to planning a budget in IT, it’s a bit like organizing family expenses – we all want to know what’s going to happen, but the reality is that most surprises are unavoidable. When comparing Backend as a Service and dedicated backend solutions, it is also worth keeping in mind the following: “I’m too poor to buy cheap stuff.” But what does this actually mean in the realm of technology?

On the one hand, Backend as a Service can be like an all-inclusive buffet – you pay a fixed price and enjoy a variety of technological treats to your heart’s content. This is particularly enticing to start-ups and small businesses lacking deep pockets but craving rapid growth. You get a bundle of services, from servers to databases and user authentication, without paying for each component separately.
In summary, choosing between BaaS and a custom backend is like deciding between a subscription smartphone and buying one outright. In one case, you have a fixed cost and fewer worries; in the other, you have more control and potential savings in the long term. Your choice depends on your appetite for risk, technology taste, and budget. As with restaurants, it’s sometimes worth paying a bit more for something you really enjoy in technology.


Backend as a Service or customized solution of Tales from the IT forest

Wandering the tortuous paths of the IT forest, one encounters a fork that even Lewis Carroll would envy. On the one hand, Backend as a Service has its promising, straightforward path; on the other hand, custom backend is a winding, individually-mapped path through the wilderness of technology. Here are some IT tricks to help you find your way.

In the start-up world, where time is money and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the king of the fairy tale, Backend as a Service often plays the role of the white knight. It provides a quick solution, allowing young companies to embark on a journey without worrying about dragons such as scaling or infrastructure management. If your application is standard royalty whose needs do not extend beyond the typical castle-in-the-cloud, Backend as a Service may be the perfect companion for this adventure stage.


Minimum Viable Product of an online platform for landscape architects


But remember, there are also lands that value individuality more than anything; for companies with unique requirements that need tailored solutions, whether due to specific industry regulations or business processes, a custom backend can prove to be a courageous hero. In this scenario, only a customized approach allows for full personalization and flexibility, like a legendary sword that cuts through any difficulty.

Then there is the realm of mature companies, where existing systems are as intertwined with the business as ancient trees in the forest. In such places, choosing Backend as a Service can mean a battle with the hybrid monsters that are integrations. This is when the custom backend becomes the gatekeeper that allows upcoming solutions to coexist harmoniously with the ancient magic of old systems. In other words, legacy code is like a customized upgrade.

Regardless of the path chosen, every IT story has a moral. Backend as a Service can be like a magic bean – it proliferates, producing quick results, but doesn’t always lead to a castle in the clouds. Building a custom backend takes time and resources, but it will help you build your castle on solid foundations.

Time, budget, resources, and, most importantly, your business’s goals and dream map determine the final path in the IT forest. But one thing is sure – in the forest of technology, every step can lead to an exciting story, and every story contains the key to success.


Security in Backend as a Service and customized solutions

Security in the IT world is like a knight’s iron armor – absolutely essential to face digital dragons and trolls. But who said armor had to be dull and gray? After all, we can embellish it with colorful avatars and smiling emoticons!

When considering Backend as a Service, we face a ready-made arsenal – weapons forged by external specialists who ensure they are protected to the fullest extent of their ability every day. It’s a bit like hiring an army of elves dedicated to caring for every detail. This ensures that no evil spell disturbs the tranquillity of your digital kingdom. Such a solution can be appealing, especially when there are more doors in our IT castle than guards to guard them.

On the other hand, a custom backend is like having your own carefully constructed armor set precisely tailored to your kingdom. It can be forged to fit into every nook and cranny and secret chamber, providing protection where you need it most. Of course, this requires time, resources, and constant rethinking of defensive strategy, as each new line of code can be like a spell that must be carefully tested to ensure it does not bring unwanted consequences with it.

In both cases, humor can be a valuable ally. After all, what is a better treat for hot IT heads than a joke about a SQL-er who walked into a bar and asked for a stool? Or about the 404 error that went shopping and couldn’t find the shop?

However, every smile conceals a serious intent. Whether we choose the Elf Guard Backend as a Service or our custom backend armor, we must regularly oil our hinges, sharpen our swords, and update our protective spells. Security is a process, not a one-off purchase – it’s a constant watch over the walls to keep our IT fortress safe from the most devious digital invaders.

Keeping these things in mind, we need to remember that whatever path we choose, security is an ongoing adventure that requires both seriousness and lightness of spirit to make each day in the IT fortress both safe and enjoyable.


Summing it up: BaaS or not BaaS – that is the question

At the tail end of our digital odyssey, we are faced with a Hamlet-like dilemma of the IT world: choose the convenience and speed of Backend as a Service or throw ourselves into creating our own unique backend? We have explored the various forms that our backend solutions can take, and it comes out that:

  1. Backend as a Service is like a buffet. Everything is prepared and served at fiber speed, with no limit (as long as our cloud canteen subscription remains active). With this solution, you get fast results, have flexibility, and can concentrate on other characteristics of your business without worrying about the technical aspects of your kitchen. It is an excellent choice for those who want to get to market quickly without worrying about any extra burden of infrastructure management.
  2. Custom backends are bespoke, refined dining experiences tailored to your needs. It calls for more time, resources, and effort. However, the end result is precise customization to your organization’s unique needs and tastes, with exclusions and allergies taken into account. It’s a path for those who appreciate control and optimization and want the exact tools to face the most demanding technological challenges. It is a long-term investment that can pay big dividends if we are prepared to spend the time (and budget!) crafting our code.

In technical terms, Backend as a Service (BaaS) is a bit like ordering a ready-made set of kitchen tools online. Think of it as a shop where AWS, Firebase, or Azure are the kind of providers that send you ready-made pots, mixers, or knives. They’re already tested and optimized, so you can focus on cooking, i.e., programming the app’s functions. This is without worrying about if the blender stops working at the least opportune moment.

It’s like experimenting in your kitchen now that you have a custom backend. It’s like playing chef from scratch, choosing the ingredients (code) yourself, and deciding how it should taste. It’s like designing your kitchen tools – mixing creativity with programming skills. Sure, it takes more effort, but we can create something extraordinary in return – like our unique dish.

Let this article be your treasure map to the best Backend. Remember, whatever you choose, there is always room for growth, innovation, and – of course – a bit of IT humor in the world of technology.

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Written by: Paweł Nicewicz,
Java Developer

By day a Java Developer with almost a decade of experience, by night an intrepid explorer of all that is not Java (programming languages are like good jokes, the more you know them, the better). After hours, he turns into a master of DIY and 3D printers, creating things that didn't even know they wanted to be printed.

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