MVP of an online platform for landscape architects

Industry and country

Project scope


What did the client need?

To develop a web platform for landscape architects in a technology specified by the client.

The challenge for our team was rather time-sensitive. The client had a specific deadline to make the platform available to their partners. They needed a ready-made solution and the technology to base it on.

The online platform was needed to be able to connect architects and investors with local plant nurseries. Users were to easily select plants for specific conditions and locations through a filtering option. For instance: an architect designs a 150-square-meter terrace with a southern exposure in a specific location, and the system suggests plants that will do best in full sun, side by side, and points out the location of the nearest nurseries from where they can order them. Sounds good, right? And that’s just the beginning!

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What we offered

A team of developers with AWS and Angular competencies.

We provided a team made up of five developers at lightning speed. We were aware that time was of the essence in this project, so we created a web platform from A to Z in two months. We value transparent communication and close cooperation with the client, so we invited their team to participate in daily meetings in order to have an ongoing consultation of needs, work progress, and changes resulting from the project evolution. The transparency of the communication was ensured by tools such as Jira and Confluence – we were able to share knowledge and systematize it during the development of the application.

W ekspresowym tempie udostępniliśmy zespół stworzony z 5 developerów. Wiedzieliśmy, że czas w tym projekcie jest kluczowy dlatego w 2 miesiące stworzyliśmy platformę internetową od A do Z. Cenimy sobie transparentną komunikację i bliską współpracę z klientem, dlatego zaprosiliśmy jego zespół do udziału w codziennych spotkaniach (daily meetings), żeby na bieżąco konsultować potrzeby, postęp prac i zmiany wynikające z ewolucji projektu.

Mariusz Kowalski

Senior Project Manager

What we achieved

MVP of an online platform for landscape architects.

After two intensive months of collaboration, our team of developers delivered the MVP of the platform that will make our client green the world. Today we are talking about MVP for a reason, as we know that we will continue to develop said platform.

Through the partnership developed with us, SquareRoot will continue to make cities greener and greener, literally! It now has a digital platform to help find and source plants, primarily thanks to said association with us. Through a network of local plant nurseries, it helps find the best plants for the right place and shows which ones are available for on-time delivery.

“The Solwit team has been really helpful and professional through the whole project.”

Marie Patenère Co-Founder, SquareRoot AS

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