Software on time, remotely! Find the benefits of the Offsite Development Center

Posted: 2021-05-17


Written by Joanna Leska (Channel & Partner Marketing Manager)

They say that time is money, and when we talk about time to market, there is real cash in mind.

COVID-19 influenced our points of view and opened new perspective In all the areas of our lives. One of the crucial changes is the business attitude towards the so-called “remote readiness”.

Offsite Development Center

At the beginning of 2020 the idea of remotely delivered services seemed challenging. Half a year later we find it obvious, and the only challenge is finding the right tools and process to optimize the value of work being done remotely.

What if the tools are already there, and what’s more – they are already tested, proven, and supported by specialists with experience in delivering remote solutions?

Here we go: get advantage of the offsite development center!

Offsite development center is a service that in its description defines its main feature – remote services, which, in spite of physical distance, are being conducted in compliance with client’s policies and standards.

As part of ODC, you can employ a whole well-coordinated team of specialists, experienced in remote value delivery, equipped with tools that ensure effective and efficient work for a distant client, and working in their own fully equipped facility.

What’s important, in the ODC model, the working environment of the employed team is synonymous with that of the client. This means adjusting the team’s work standards to the rules prevailing at the client’s premises. This applies in particular to the regulations of information protection, the way the equipment and documentation are stored, and even to the rules of functioning in the office.

The ODC service model is perfect for IT service delivery and has been used for software design, development and testing since many years.

The ODC is made for the companies facing staffing obstacles, lack of specialized skills, infrastructure and the need of immediate project start and fast delivery to market.

If you are in the situation that you need to have your software designed / developed / tested, see why you should get the ODC service:

1. Immediate project start.

We’ve noticed that this is the main trigger for the clients, to undertake the cooperation with ODC.

In the professional ODC service the full production capacity of the team is achieved within max 2 weeks, and the project acceleration is noticeable (see the case study for Fintech company). This is possible, because there is actually no recruitment, and the complete, well-coordinated team sits at the desks at the same day, shortly after the sign of the agreement.

What clients really like about ODC is the assured work streamline. From the client’s perspective such events like holidays, sick leaves, termination periods never happen. The missing employee is being replaced, and the workflow goes on in the undisturbed way.


2. Access to wide set of specialized skills and technologies.

At ODC you will find highly qualified IT professionals with specialized skills in various technologies. One of the most characteristic features of ODC engineers is their multi-disciplinary nature. When we say: “we have over 100 Dot Net engineers”, this is only part of the truth. This is because most of them participated in numbers of projects for various clients, and thus they are experienced in working for various industries: automotive, high-tech, audio & entertainment, retail, etc.

Each of the project engaged different technologies, frameworks and methodologies. This means, that the team mates may already know the best solutions for you projects, as they had the chance to explore the alike areas.

What’s more, they keep actively building their competence. The regular trainings and skills upgrade are crucial part of their work, and engage plenty of work (and budgets!) of the employer’s Training and Development Department.

The set of mandatory trainings for ODC employees includes, among others, training on security and data protection, based on the standards indicated by the client.

But there is something else – the soft skills. The team is experienced in working in ODC model, which means, they know, and understand the client’s requirements toward communication and reporting, confidentiality, security, IP property, and also the customer’s culture and value of the brand.

3. Trustful and transparent cooperation.

Reliability is not just the value of declaration. The leading ODC companies have proven evidence of being reliable, and offer tools to ensure the transparency.

Let’s take the ISO norms: if a company is certified, this actually means that someone reviews and audits their operations, and the procedures are set in accordance with transparent standards.

As per our experience we find that Information Security Standards (ISO 27001) tips the scale in our favor in clients decision making process. In the pandemic times, the professional Business Continuity Standards (ISO 22301) made the ODC clients not even notice any changes in service delivery.

On the team level, the transparency is ensured by the tools and monitoring processes, that allow clients the insight into the team’s work in the real time.

4. Savings on infrastructure.

The ODCs work on their own equipment and in their facilities. The areas are usually secured and furnished with the separated infra sets, such as monitored access, secured network, professional labs with proper temperature and humidity regulations, power supplies etc.

It’s the service provider task to assure the proper working conditions – not only on high technology level, but also at health, safety, and employee comfort.

5. Limitless scaling options.

The ODC team is not a lonely island. If any technical support is needed, they have a bunch of colleagues around the company, to search for knowledge and solutions. The available knowledge resources are thus basically not limited to the number of team members.

If the client decides to accelerate the project even more or to expand the scope, or the functionalities, the ODC provider have a pool of talents to quickly extend the team.

Now, when most of developers work remotely, hiring developers from the next town, or from the other country is the same reasonable. The ODC service is a good solution in any situations, but is really perfect in the pandemic. It’s designed and set in the way to ensure effective remote value delivery, a good return on clients investment, and to allow fluent building of innovation.


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