Immediate augmentation of customer teams and development of a PaaS application for Fintech


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Project scope


What did the client need?

Urgent customer demand for highly qualified engineering teams.

The global provider of Fintech solutions, serving 90 of the world’s 100 largest banks, has created a new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution – the platform. The platform’s task is to provide users with APIs for Finastra systems in order to enable them to create innovative solutions for the financial ecosystem. The constant, ongoing development of the FusionFabric platform is of strategic value for the customer. Therefore, the engineering team working on the maintenance, development, and reliability must present special competence in work methodology and discipline, as well as in related technologies, including Microsoft Azure cloud computing.

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What we offered

We provided complete, Agile development teams that achieved full production capacity within two weeks.

We offered the client two complete programming teams that started the project after only a few days of cooperation. Their tasks included:

  • Agile development of platform components (services)
  • Automated testing in several stages
  • CI / CD in Azure infrastructure
  • Maintenance of the Azure environment

In a short time, it became clear that the competences and commitment of our teams exceeded the expectations of the local branch of Finastra – so our employees also began cooperation in other geographic locations of the client.

W ekspresowym tempie udostępniliśmy zespół stworzony z 5 developerów. Wiedzieliśmy, że czas w tym projekcie jest kluczowy dlatego w 2 miesiące stworzyliśmy platformę internetową od A do Z. Cenimy sobie transparentną komunikację i bliską współpracę z klientem, dlatego zaprosiliśmy jego zespół do udziału w codziennych spotkaniach (daily meetings), żeby na bieżąco konsultować potrzeby, postęp prac i zmiany wynikające z ewolucji projektu.


Mariusz Kowalski

Senior Project Manager

What we achieved

The solution was delivered two weeks ahead of time. The ongoing support of Solwit engineers enables the client to implement other projects without interruption.

Thanks to the involvement of the complete, mature Solwit engineering teams, the project reached full production capacity in about two weeks from the start of the cooperation. The experience of the team leader in project management ensured accurate, fast, and consistent product development.

“Since October 2018, Solwit has participated in developing – a platform allowing its users to access the systems of the biggest banking organizations in the world, as well as the API of the main products of Finastra. It is currently providing the project with two engineering teams, whose rich experience and qualifications result in effects meeting our expectations perfectly. We especially value their commitment, work ethics, and professional approach to the project. The teams, which are properly managed and disciplined, deliver the ordered services on time and in accordance with the schedule.”

Krzysztof Samaszko, the director of Finastra Global Limited Sp. z o.o.

The team’s competences in the area of ​​web services allowed engineers to optimize REST endpoint schemas, and their knowledge of database mechanisms minimized the risks associated with the platform performance.

All these factors allowed the team to deliver the ALPHA version of the solution in less than three months and launch the platform two weeks ahead of the expected date.

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