New application interface and integration with Stripe payment system

The client was looking for a technology partner to develop an MVP for their application

Zyberia is a Norwegian health tech company that has developed a mobile application for monitoring personal health – HealthB. The platform is designed to help users care for themselves and their loved ones by using the information they enter and share.

Zyberia was looking for a technology partner to make several changes to its nearly-complete MVP (Minimum Viable Product) mobile app. There were several pending needs, including:

  • Interface design for mobile devices.
  • Launching the application on Android.
  • Adding new functionalities to mobile applications (iOS, Android) in the next stage.

As HealthB’s release date grew closer, the Zyberia team could not independently make the anticipated changes and enhancements. Their partner, a Norwegian med-tech startup with whom we have collaborated for over a year, recommended Solwit as a team to deliver the required functionalities.

React Native expertise from Solwit’s engineers aided this process.

We start by gathering expectations and defining needs whenever we speak with a client. In the wake of the business analysis, we assigned the project to a tight-knit, experienced engineering team of two developers with React Native experience. We knew versatile specialists would be required to complete this project comprehensively and promptly. In addition to providing graphic designs (layouts), Zyberia asked us to create new views and integrate the Stripe payment system with their software.

The developers were responsible for adding new views to the mobile app by linking them to the existing backend based on layouts received from the client. The entire project was implemented on the iOS and Android platforms. We also integrated the app with Stripe’s payment system as part of our work. Keeping the lines of effective communication open is at the forefront of every project we undertake – this was no exception. Slack Internet messaging and holding regular meetings helped facilitate our close collaboration with the client. In order to keep transparency, history, and order, we used Jira, which the client could access directly.


Having a client like Zyberia to work with is a real delight. Aware of their needs and expectations while open to suggestions for solutions. It was a real pleasure to participate in a project that directly impacts the health and sometimes even the lives of the system’s users.

Alicja Wilczyńska, Project Manager

We delivered the required functionalities within the planned timeframe

We did it! It was a team effort that ensured that our tasks were completed on time, thanks to the tremendous amount of work done by our engineers. With around 30 new views, we delivered the client the expected functionality on Android and iOS platforms. All previous views were replaced seamlessly, as well as connected to the existing app backend. We successfully integrated the Stripe payment system into the platform. This will allow HealthB app users to make online payments quickly and hassle-free without ever having to switch to an external site.

We chose Solwit for its high technical competence in React Native, React Navigation, and GraphQL, its ability to start quickly, and clear copyright transfer rules. Without hindrance and in a short period, Solwit achieved our goals: implementing a new interface for the mobile application (Android and iOS) and integration with the Stripe payment system.

We were kept informed about the project’s progress. All the work was completed on time before the app was scheduled to be released.

We recommend Solwit as a proven service provider for projects where the time and experience of a competent programming engineering team count.

Jonas Carsten Jeppesen, CEO, Zyberia AS

This project was completed ahead of schedule – as planned – and within a very short timeframe.

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New application interface and integration with Stripe payment system
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