Web-based invoicing application for Carnect (brand of MicronNexus GmbH)

Industry and country

Project scope


The need: speeding up the invoicing process

The growth of both the industry and the company has led to the need to automate repetitive invoicing activities. 

Our client approached us with a particular problem for which a technological solution was needed. The challenge we faced in this project was ensuring that our software would work seamlessly with the existing systems.

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The solution: a stable bridge between systems

We have designed a solution that, along the lines of ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load), takes data from the customer’s system, transforms it based on various business parameters, and, with this, creates appropriate requests to the other system. The process had not been automated up to this point. Our client was required to complete each task manually, which was very challenging and could lead to human error, given the volume of invoices they are currently dealing with. Invoices and employee tasks surge as the company grows, and automation relieves employees of repetitive and tedious activities.

Our client knew exactly what they needed. They brought a clear, ready-made idea to us, which only had to be implemented accordingly. We settled on a fixed price model, the ideal course when the client has clear expectations and a detailed project specification.

Here are a few key facts about the project:

  • Web application developed: backend in AWS, frontend Angular 14
  • Other technologies: DynamoDB, Amplify, AppSync, S3, AWS Lambda, .NET Core
  • A senior developer from Solwit with full-stack skills, one tester, and another tester from the client side, and a Product Owner worked on the solution
  • We settled the tasks in Jira so that the client could see the progress of the work on an ongoing basis
  • Instead of daily meetings typical of Agile, we kept in constant and direct contact via MS Teams

The client approached us with a specific requirement to be turned into working code. The solution we offered during the development stage proved to be flexible and easy to extend and integrate. The tools we used were aligned with the other elements of the system. Therefore, the client’s team can already handle any potential development internally. Furthermore, I would like to add that the collaboration with our client was outstanding!

Bartosz Cichocki

Software Architect

The result: an automated invoicing process

The client obtained a solution that brought their two systems together and revolutionized a cumbersome process. This allowed them to allocate the time and resources saved to tasks that are more engaging and impactful to business development. The software was delivered quickly – the whole development process took a month, due to the great work of our developers, but also to the strong commitment and awareness from the client.

“We have worked with Solwit on other projects, so we know what to expect when we hand them a project. A high level of competence, availability, and punctuality are qualities worth mentioning when describing Solwit. We received a complete system tailored to our requirements, improved by the feedback of the developers we worked with. Although we knew exactly what we needed, enhancements were suggested, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our business. 

The team grasped our need and translated it into a technical solution. Accessibility and liaison were a big advantage – direct, extremely dynamic, and the development process itself was transparent.”

Marek Stachura, Head of IT, Carnect (brand of MicronNexus GmbH)

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