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Verify that merchandise is displayed according to plan with automated reporting. Showcase your products without the burden of contractual obligations—focus on your primary goal of boosting sales.
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Shelf Inspection AI is an innovative tool leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to automate and optimize the management of retail shelf space.

Our solution is designed for pharmacy chains, drugstores, and other retail networks that aim to enhance efficiency, maximize sales, and improve the shopping experience for their customers.

Software for retail - how does it work?

How does our product recognize objects in images?

Shelf Inspection AI analyzes images of shelf items in real-time, identifying stock shortages, verifying compliance with planograms, and monitoring product placement.

With Shelf Inspection AI, you can:

  • Swiftly respond to product shortages and anomalies before they impact sales.
  • Optimize product displays to capture customer attention and encourage purchases.
  • Reduce operational costs by minimizing errors and the need for manual shelf monitoring.
  • Ensure price compliance with current promotions and the Omnibus Directive (the obligation to inform customers of the lowest price of a product or service in the 30 days before a promotion is introduced).
How does the client collaboration process work?
Initial 01

We engage in discussions to understand your expectations, business objectives, and operational details related to your retail network.

Technical Analysis 02
and Planning

At this stage, we review the client's IT infrastructure, assess the necessary resources (e.g., mobile devices), and establish an implementation schedule.

System Setup 03
and Configurationv

We configure the software to meet your needs, including customizing AI algorithms to recognize your products and setting parameters according to the planogram.

User 04

We organize training sessions for the staff who will be using the Shelf Inspection AI, such as store employees, managers, and merchandisers.

Pilot 05

We deploy Shelf Inspection AI in selected locations/on a limited number of shelves, monitor system performance, and gather data and user feedback.

Analysis of Pilot 06
Results and Optimization

We analyze the collected data, make any necessary adjustments to the system configuration, and optimize AI algorithm operations.

Full 07

We launch Shelf Inspection AI across all of the client’s planned operational areas. We gradually expand the system to more locations/shelves, continuously monitor efficiency, and provide technical support.

Post-Implementation 08
Monitoring and Support

We are committed to ensuring the ongoing effectiveness and relevance of the system. Therefore, we conduct regular system reviews, and software updates, offer technical support, and provide consultations on potential functionality expansions.

Shelf Inspection AI allows you to verify
the display of any product on the shelf.

Shelf Inspection
AI in numbers

percent of the time, we can recognize objects in a photograph better than human eyes
it delivers automated analysis results and reports in less than a minute

Use cases

Marketing campaign

Failure to meet contractual obligations in the display area could result in financial losses for the retailer. Introduce professional merchandising, manage exposure, and report to manufacturers in real-time.


You will check if stores in your retail chain use correct pricing and take care of proper price marks for your products.


You will receive a photo archive of exposure history, orders made, and reports generated. Historical data will help you predict trends.


Due to the use of cloud solutions, the data downloads automatically and you can verify the terms of a given supplier contract immediately, with just a few clicks.


With Shelf Inspection AI you can check:

  • the number of products remaining on the shelf,
  • the number of visible "faces" of the product,
  • the order in which they are placed, compliance with the visual
  • merchandising plan,
  • product categories,
  • the cost and price differentiators.

Product shelf
exposition ratio

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We provide services in Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, and training of dedicated language models for clients.

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Why Shelf Inspection AI?


The use of cloud technologies provides almost instant verification of any number of products.


Automation of the exposition verification process significantly reduces its costs.


Artificial intelligence recognizes objects in a photo faster and more accurately than the human eye.


The use of cloud technologies provides almost instant verification of any number of products.

in sales

It is possible to increase sales by effectively enforcing in-store displays with the correct positioning of products.


Using APIs, we can integrate any software used by our clients.


The system scales automatically with any number of products and points of sale.


We support you as you implement and use the new process in your organization.

Check out what our clients have to say about us

Tomasz Szurek
Director of the IT Department, BEST S.A.

We confirm that Solwit S.A. has provided us with a web application development service in Java technology. Solwit's programmers introduced architectural and technological changes to our system, making its primary functions work faster and without failure. It is worth emphasizing the positive cooperation with the engineers. We could count on their knowledge and experience at every project stage, from designing and proposing solutions to training our programmers on using the upgraded system.

The Solwit team conscientiously fulfilled the tasks assigned to them and kept us informed about the progress of the work - they were responsive, reliable, and delivered the complete solutions on time. I can, without a doubt, recommend Solwit S.A. as a technology partner providing comprehensive web application development support.

Piotr Mikulski
Head of R&D, Bibus Menos
Sp. z o.o.

“We were looking for a partner who could create dedicated software for management of 3D printers machines park. The Solwit team professionally fulfilled all our expectations by creating smart, highly modular software which is compatible with our own embedded software.

We also appreciate communication level and professionalism of the project team.”

Artur Dyro
CEO, Learnetic S.A.

“Solwit has extensive experience working with the world's biggest companies. Therefore, not having to worry about all that tech stuff is a huge comfort for me as a CEO. It is crucial to have someone in business that you can rely on 24/7. ”

Krzysztof Bronowski
Finance Director
of FarmaProm Polska
Sp. z o.o. sp. k.

“FarmaProm has reached out to Solwit for professional expertise and support in implementing big data technologies, including Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery functionalities.

Co-operation between a FarmaProm specialist and dedicated Solwit specialists has been a valuable partnership beneficial for both parties.”

Frequently asked questions

What are the equipment requirements for operating the system?

You can begin using Shelf Inspection AI as early as during the implementation phase, without the need for specialized equipment. A smartphone and an application suffice. Our team will assist you with system configuration and staff training, ensuring a smooth transition to the new operational model and maximum efficiency.


What reports and analyses does Shelf Inspection AI provide?

Comprehensive reports and analyses are available, providing an overview of planogram compliance, identifying missing products, monitoring prices, and much more. If you need straightforward reporting—no problem. Our tool offers access to valuable data that aids in optimizing shelf space management and enhancing profitability. Most importantly, reports are tailored to your needs, not the other way around.

Can I expect a personalized approach?

There is no “one size fits all” solution. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive approach that includes full control over shelf and inventory management, we are prepared to implement it. We will tailor our services to meet the demands of your business—when your priority is to focus on specific aspects, such as monitoring price tags, enhancing the display of promoted items, or comparing compliance with current offers from suppliers or manufacturers to fulfill contractual obligations, we will customize the solution to meet these specific requirements.


How can Shelf Inspection AI save time and money for my business?

Automating the monitoring of goods on shelves reduces the need for manual checks, which means fewer errors and faster response to issues. By reducing the time spent on inspections and shelf corrections, you enhance operational efficiency and minimize losses, which directly translates into savings in time and money.


Can Shelf Inspection AI handle the specifics of our product range?

We successfully manage various challenges in this area, including large labels, light reflections on bottles, products behind glass doors, displays on hangers, and placement on angled shelves. We achieve high precision in product classification and basket detection, confirming the effectiveness of AI in automatically recognizing and arranging products according to the planogram.

Is this tool difficult to use?

No, the solution is designed with ease of use in mind. It essentially consists in operating a smartphone application. We intentionally created it so that anyone can quickly learn how to fully operate it and utilize its capabilities to maximize shelf management efficiency.

How quickly can I see the results of implementing this tool?

You will see the results almost immediately after the first use, identifying which products are improperly displayed and enabling you to make quick corrections. This rapid visibility allows for swift improvements in the process of managing goods on shelves and inventory in your store.


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