Development and functional tests for the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) application

What did the client need?

The tester and developer teams of our client required support in the field of automotive industry software development, with regard to technologies and processes.

A polish branch of an international company required a partner with competencies in creating software and conducting high-quality unit tests, as well as Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). Our task was to support the client’s teams working on developing and testing software for various types of head-up displays (HUD) in luxury cars by British, Japanese, German, and Swedish manufacturers.

What we offered

Developing functional HMI tests and implementing the functionality in the system.

Solwit has developed complex systems of the highest security levels for years. Our experience in projects regarding the railway industry and diligence in adhering to standards convinced our client to include us in the HUD project.

The client’s project was joined by a team of three Solwit engineers specializing in the automotive industry. They possessed unique competencies and were highly experienced in producing embedded, safety-critical software. Their knowledge and skill filled gaps in the client’s team competence but also provided consulting support, such as recommendations for processes and activities facilitating development and testing of the HUD software. At the same time, the Solwit team adopted the internal work culture established by the client, based on certain tools and internal processes.

What we achieved

Safe and efficient embedded software for the Head-Up Display including documentation provided on time.

As part of the cooperation, Solwit’s team implemented the development of selected functionalities of the HUD platform. Our team also participated in creating the architecture of selected functionalities and testing the platform. We also prepared the testing infrastructure. We produced unit tests and HMI tests. The processes of creating all the aforementioned tests were also properly documented.

About the client

Our client was a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing car displays and sensors. Since its founding in 1950, the company has produced innovative products for the automotive industry, increasing safety and comfort for drivers. The company has its roots in Japan and currently owns 34 branches in 11 different countries in Europe, both Americas, and Asia. The European division (NSEU), with its offices in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, and France, hires more than 150 people responsible for managing projects, quality control, and engineering solutions for European clients.

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Development and functional tests for the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) application
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