Exploratory testing of web and mobile app for children

The Foundation needed to check its mobile and web application

Our client was the foundation, whose mission is to support young artists, particularly in armed conflict-affected regions (Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe). They provide them with the tools needed to become professional musicians in the future as part of their activities. This foundation focuses not only on music – utilizing modern technology; they use apps created for children to facilitate the development of their skills in many fields. Solwit provided support in software testing these apps. In order to ensure everything in the documentation was reflected in the functionalities, and that they worked properly, a second pair of eyes was necessary.

We carried out exploratory tests of the application

The client provided a ready-made mobile and web application along with a detailed functional and non-functional requirements document.

The mobile application is a launcher that enables users to control installed applications and configure educational content according to their age on the tablet. Additionally, the integrated web application serves as a kind of back-office to conveniently manage launcher settings.

Our responsibility was to test the application thoroughly for compliance with functional and non-functional requirements and identify potential defects.

Solwit conducted the tests as part of the final phase of product development. We used exploratory techniques, paying particular attention to cross-sectional testing of the application based on checklists and test coverage of all provided requirements.

In addition to a list of defects found, we wanted to provide cross-sectional feedback to the client about the application’s quality status.

This project brought me heaps of satisfaction. Before I started testing, I familiarized myself with the foundation’s activities – the goal was to gain a deeper understanding of the product’s end users, and the value of the foundation’s activities was inspiring for me. On the one hand, like any software tester, I was keen to run the most effective tests and prepare a useful cross-sectional report. On the other, it also really mattered to me that the users would enjoy using the application without encountering any surprises.

Alicja Polska, Senior Software Tester, Solwit

We handed over the completed exploratory tests report

During the two-week phase of work commissioned to Solwit, we conducted various positive and negative tests. As a result of our activities, we generated a report detailing the application’s test coverage level. The report outlined those components that work correctly and those that need to be enhanced. As part of the document, we compiled a list of revealed defects based on the requirements and categorized them according to severity for the user. In addition to this, we also gathered our observations and comments that emerged during the testing of the applications.

Detailed descriptions of all defects were accompanied by screenshots and short recordings showing the erroneous behavior of the application.

Solwit tested both the web and mobile versions of one of our applications. Time was of the essence for us – the testing results needed to be known quickly. In a fortnight, a comprehensive report was produced. This report contained information on the level of coverage of the application by the tests and indications of which components were working correctly and what required improvement. The document included a list of revealed defects, sorted according to the requirements received and categorized in terms of severity for the user. In addition, this document contained observations and comments that emerged during application testing. All defects disclosed were described in detail and supported by evidence in the form of screenshots and short recordings showing the erroneous behavior of the application.

Client’s representative, Charity Foundation


Exploratory testing of web and mobile app for children
Charity Foundation
European Union
exploratory tests
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