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Important information


Learnetic S.A.


Digital education

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Learnetic is a global provider of digital education solutions. Several years ago it faced the challenge of migrating the LMS platform based on Adobe Flash to a new technology. It was also necessary to prepare the proper infrastructure to effectively serve rapidly changing numbers of users. When education-oriented tools are concerned, the peak loads to the system occur in the morning, when classes take place, and in the afternoon, when students do their homework.

The Challenge

The e-learning platform users needed a modern, reliable, universal, and easy way to access the educational content. From Learnetic’s point of view, the solution had to meet another two requirements: the capacity for withstanding high and variable loads, as well as ease of being expanded with new functionalities.

The company did not have the developers and the necessary equipment to provide its clients with a stable e-learning environment. Neither was it ready to invest in launching its own Data Center, due to an exceptionally high cost of such an undertaking. In order to create a system matching the new business requirements, it was crucial to introduce the product to the market without any delay and to utilize the most innovative IT solutions.


Learnetic had to find a team of engineers ready to fully commit to designing, developing, but also maintaining the new application in the future.

The Solution

Solwit quickly developed a new e-learning environment based on Google Cloud solutions which allow for adaptive learning, real-time analyses, and unlimited scalability.

We developed a new version of the editor and educational content player, and in a very short time were able to prepare together with Learnetic an ecosystem of cloud-based products and mobile-oriented tools, such as:


  • mAuthor (an advanced multi-platform content creation and authoring tool),

  • mCourser (an LMS class learning environment),

  • mInstructor (a user-friendly content creation tool),

  • mLibro (an offline extension to the e-learning platform in the form of a mobile app).


The e-learning ecosystem created by Solwit is an E2E solution set for digital content creation, e-publishing, content import and distribution, and effective management of the learning process. It has been created to support publishing houses, schools, teachers, and students.


The system is still being developed and expanded with new functionalities. The ability for students and teachers to interact has been developed, including voice and video calls, interactive boards, and the option to give students tasks undergoing supervision and assessment.

the Result

Over the time of cooperation with Solwit Learnetic has extended its operations to over 30 countries. Its content is used by thousands of teachers and shared with hundreds of thousands of students worldwide every day. The e-learning platform is also used for many popular education events and competitions.

Thanks to Google Cloud Platform the system can be scaled dynamically and with virtually no limitations, optimizing the cost compared to maintaining the fixed infrastructure of a sufficient scale.


We have delivered, and continue to expand, a set of on-line applications utilizing cloud computing that facilitates scaling, accessibility, and rapid deployment of new functionalities. This way Learnetic can focus on its business goals and rely on Solwit and its technological partners to perform all the programming and infrastructure-related work.

About Learnetic

Learnetic is a global provider of digital education solutions. The company offers a comprehensive suite of applications and advanced technologies for all stages of education – from publishing educational content to distributing its content to hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. Among its clients one can find publishers and educational institutions, such as Pearson, McGraw Hill Education, Cyber Book, and Klett.

How to deal with quick scaling and sudden spikes in user traffic on global platforms?

How cloud services launched e-learning to its current level and helped Learnetic in its global expansion.

The solutions used

  • Cloud Compute: App Engine Standard, Flex, Cloud Tasks, Compute Engine, VPC, GCS, Firestore
  • Storage & Databases: Firestore, GCS
  • Cloud Analitics: BigQuery, Datastudio
  • App Dev& Monitoring: Cloud IAM, Stackdriver



Angular, React, HTML5, Javascript (ECMA5/ECMA6), GWT, jQuery, Bootstrap


REST, Djangae, Datastore, BigQuery, Google App Engine Standard & Flexible, Google Cloud Storage, Datastore/Firestore, Firebase, Flask, Connexion, Go, Redis, Memcache


iOS, Android


Windows, OSX, Linux, Python, Java, Qt

Domain standards



Jenkins, Ant, Grunt, Poetry, CocoaPods, Git