Supporting a client in introducing the process of secure embedded software development (cyber-security) and in testing said software


Industry and country

Project scope


What did the client need?

Our client's cyber-security team required support from experts with unique competencies and rich experience in the automotive industry. They were required to operate within the technologies used for cyber-security tests and the processes necessary for software development, aligned with the new ISO21434 standard and UN Regulation 155.

The Polish branch of an international company was searching for a partner with competencies in developing secure software and performing high-quality security tests. The partner’s task was to support the client’s teams developing software for head-up displays (HUD) used in luxury cars by British, Japanese, German, and Swedish manufacturers.

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What we offered

Expanding the client's teams by experts in cyber-security.

Solwit provided specialists with experience in the automotive industry and Graphics Engine Solutions cyber-security testing.

Their knowledge and skill filled gaps in the client’s team competence, but also provided consulting support, such as recommendations for processes and activities facilitating development and security testing of the HUD. At the same time, the Solwit team adopted the internal work culture established by the client, based on certain tools and internal processes.

W ekspresowym tempie udostępniliśmy zespół stworzony z 5 developerów. Wiedzieliśmy, że czas w tym projekcie jest kluczowy dlatego w 2 miesiące stworzyliśmy platformę internetową od A do Z. Cenimy sobie transparentną komunikację i bliską współpracę z klientem, dlatego zaprosiliśmy jego zespół do udziału w codziennych spotkaniach (daily meetings), żeby na bieżąco konsultować potrzeby, postęp prac i zmiany wynikające z ewolucji projektu.


Mariusz Kowalski

Senior Project Manager

What we achieved

Security-based functionalities of the system, results of security tests, and the process for embedded software testing, including documentation, were all provided on time.

The Solwit team took part in creating the architecture for certain features and developing unit tests for testing security functionality. All procedures used in developing the tests were properly documented. Within the cooperation, our team was also supporting the client in creating the process of software testing regarding security, developed chosen security features, performed chosen tests (both penetration and fuzzing tests) and system analyses (crypto-element analysis).

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