Meet us #solwitteam

We're Solwit, a seasoned provider of comprehensive IT solutions. We've designed, tested, and certified thousands of systems and applications for over twelve years.

Since 2023, we’ve been proud members of the ALTEN Group, a global leader in engineering and IT services, further enhancing our expertise and capabilities.

We place a strong emphasis on software with critical security levels, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What made us decide to adopt the steppe eagles from the Gdańsk Zoo?
Our goal goes beyond just doing business
At Solwit, we truly believe in the power of collective action and the importance of our environment. We plant trees, encourage our #solwitteam to engage in physical activities and convert all the kilometers collected into donations to help those in need.
Our commitment to the environment is tangible, and aiding the steppe eagles is our way of contributing to the preservation of endangered species.

Besides, we're animal lovers, and our office often hears the joyful barks and woofs of dogs, who are always welcome!
As part of our environmental and community initiatives, we:
Plant forests - so far, we've planted over 340 trees through various internal initiatives!
Share knowledge with younger generations, collaborating with the Technical School in Przodkowo and the Inspiring Examples Foundation
Support the building of local communities by organizing dedicated meetings and events (check out the video below!)
Clock up kilometers and convert them into donations for organizations that aid children and animals
Organize internal auctions, with the proceeds going to those in need
Support preventive health actions - organizing free examinations and training for our employees
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We are constantly looking for new members for the #solwitteam
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